Preliminary project :

A preliminary project is :

  • Understand the requirements of the Project Owner,
  • Sketch in various solutions,
  • Size up structures,
  • Quantify the cost of the realisation,
  • Create structure with synthesized images to see aesthetic,
  • Analyse into multicriterion,
  • And eventually assist the Owner in the final choice.

    constitute the various steps of the preliminary project.

Maîtrise d’œuvre Ouvrages d’Art :

PROFRACTAL takes charge of the whole task: as Engineer, PROFRACTAL is responsible for the execution of all of the design work including tender documents.

The Land Surveyor, the Geotechnician, the Landscape Architect, and the Architect complement the team to provide a coherent, complete, accurate and aesthetic job.

V I S A Missions and in-house control :

This logigram describes the organisation and the tasks to achieve the control of calculation notes and execution plans. These missions can be done inhouse (in PROFRACTAL) within the framework of a design activity, or outside for the account of an external customer (VISA mission).

  • Data verification
    • Permanent, variable, accidental actions,
    • Soils characteristics and geotechnical parameters,
    • Building material characteristics.
  • Conformity of hypothesis and calculation methods to specifications ,
    • Of the Contractor,
    • Of official documents and Standards.

  • Calculation verifications
    • By traditional methods (calculator, spreadsheet), or
    • With adapted and validated softwares.