Expert Report

Measurements on structures :

The deformation follow-up of a 10 meter opening metal tube in Poitiers, under the major road 10, was carried out thanks to the INVAR wire technique.
The distances, about ten meters between reference marks, are regularly measured with a measuring accuracy of 1/10 millimetres.
PROFRACTAL ensures the placement of the equipment and the carrying out of measurements.

Fixed reference marks are sealed in the pavement to constitute the triangles basis.
The triangles are built starting from reference marks fixed at the wall.

This is a simple, robust, reliable, and economic method.

Reinforced earth structure :

Detailed inspections of the reinforced earth structures, that carries out PROFRACTAL, include obligatory the expertise of the main elements of this technique: the reinforcements.

An evaluation for the structure durability is provided after the analysis of soil and of reinforcements samples taken from the structure.

  • Technical information sheet, References and Estimate from: Download

Investigation techniques by core drilling were developed by PROFRACTAL as well as the extraction device for reference samples

Restoration project :

The salt use for deicing is responsible for the corrosion of the reinforcements in this abutment.
The expert evaluation and the restoration were led very quickly by PROFRACTAL.