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PROFRACTAL offers a full range of consulting services to companies that wish an independent and external point of view about their R&D project. The combination of skills of PROFRACTAL enables us to solve problems in many fields such as Material, Structures, Geotechnics, Hydrology, Industrial Sciences. PROFRACTAL adopts a systematic and rigorous approach at each level of the R&D project. Several parts compound a R&D project : inventory, development of concept (TRIZ method), search for solutions, feasibility study, fabrication of a conceptual prototype, testing of the most important parameters of the corresponding devices, attention to issues of manufacturability, assistance to the industrial protection of the new process, knowledge transfers.

Our consulting practice is flexible to deliver services based on our client’s unique needs. We divide the projects in independent parts. So the commitment of your company is always limited. You decide after each step whether you want to continue the projects.
The intensive involvement of the actors during project or during their training period is the key to success. So the new developed products and/or process are integrated effectively and quickly in your company.

Booklet « R&D : construire l’avenir » : download.

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Thanks to the combination of skills, PROFRACTAL deals with various subjects. Notice that the most completed projects, have been carried out by companies that own a R&D department.

  • Concept development for new earth retaining technique ;
  • Search of solutions for the setting up in cyclone area of large power wind mills ;
  • Improvement of a scaffold system for building ;
  • New calculation methods for wire mesh ;
  • Vegetalisation of earth retaining structure ;
  • Buried materials behaviour : metal and polymer ;
  • Improvement of precast arches.

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PROFRACTAL uses for itself the methods of development of concept to create innovative new products such as PRO’LINK and PRO’ARCH.


PRO’LINK® is a new patented construction process which was successfully audited by the IVOR committee. This new technique brings from now on a smart answer for the construction of a new earth retaining embankment built against an existing wall (wall rehabilitation or roads and motorways widening).

The solution consists in linking the nail heads (on the anchoring side), which are solid, but not precisely located in x, y, z, to new manufactured facing units. Thanks to a flexible and continuous strap, the anchoring points are linked successively to facing connecting points, at well defined positions.

Booklet PRO’LINK® as well as the IVOR technical information : download.


A new joint for the keystone of the precast arches which ensures the longitudinal tying of the structure was developed and patented.

From now on, the precast arch can be built on an inclined or skew road. Otherwise, the arches can be filled in a dissymmetrical way longitudinally and transversally, without any dislocation risk for the structure.

The new process has various advantages: the rubber flexibility for the joint bearings, the steel stiffness for the tying, the fire resistance of cement. Moreover there is no need to put a longitudinal concrete beam on the top of the structure.

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